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April 20, 2020

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Our latest webinar

As lockdown measures are relaxed in the UK, the question on everyone's minds is 'Will there be a second wave of COVID-19 infections?'.

Professor Tim Spector and Jonathan Wolf from health science company ZOE will present the newest data from the COVID Symptom Study. The researchers will share the latest incidence data and discuss which parts of the country might still be at-risk, the safety of children as they go back to school and how we're able to detect a second wave of the virus sooner.

COVID: Who is most at risk?

As we edge closer to lockdown being lifted, Dr Claire Steves and Professor Tim Spector delve into the latest data from the COVID Symptom Study. They will share data around those who have been hospitalised and factors that place them at risk. They will also discuss how you can help reduce these risk-factors at home through diet and health choices. And they'll bust some of the myths that exist!

COVID: Why might men be more affected than women?

COVID-19 in the US vs UK

Science Update: Frailty and COVID-19

Doctors and clinical researchers Claire Steves and Tim Spector share an update on the insights they're learning from COVID Symptom Tracker and how we're using it to aid the global health community, slow the spread of the virus and identify those at risk sooner. This week's webinar will focus on our scientific research, how we are studying those with pre-existing health conditions and what research around the globe is telling us about COVID-19.

When will the COVID lockdown end?

How we are predicting symptomatic COVID-19

Science update: our early symptom findings

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