Frequently asked questions

Who created the ZOE Health Study?

What is the aim of the research?

Who will be using my data?

How long will my data be used for?

My app is frozen on a particular screen, what should I do?

How will my data be protected?

Will someone make money off my data?

How can I delete my data?

My password isn't working when I try to log in, what should I do?

What are ZOE’s ‘wider health studies’?

Can I report symptoms on behalf of someone else, eg my family?

What’s the new way of reporting my health in the app?

Can someone under 18 use the app?

Why do I need to register with an email?

I've spotted a bug, or would like to suggest a feature - where should I send it?

I'm unable to create an account

I mistyped my email when registering for the app - what should I do?

How can I set a daily reminder to log my symptoms?

Will you make this app available for those with limited sight?

My app hasn’t updated to the latest version, what do I do?

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