Had a seasonal flu vaccine? You can log it with ZOE

October 11, 2021

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We’ve added the seasonal flu vaccine to our vaccine logging screens to help us understand more about the vaccine, any related adverse effects and track flu and cold symptoms. 

Why are we asking you to log your flu vaccines? 

With flu season around the corner we want to take everything we have learnt since the start of the COVID pandemic and use it to start looking into other viruses. This is our first step into our wider health studies research.

Some of the research questions we’re hoping to answer from collecting your flu vaccines:

  1. Will adverse effects be worse with both COVID+flu vaccines delivered on the same date?
  2. What is flu vaccine effectiveness?
  3. What is overall COVID + flu prevalence? 

So where can you log your flu vaccine in the ZOE app?

How to log your flu vaccine 

When you next open your app, rather than seeing “Your COVID-19 vaccines’, this screen will now be called ‘Your vaccines’. 

If you’ve got a Flu vaccine to log, select ‘Add a new vaccine dose’ and check the Flu option. You’ll then be asked the date of your vaccination and that’s it.

If you’re logging a flu dose on behalf of a child, you’ll have an additional question about how it was performed, either in the arm or as a nasal spray. 

Some of you might be offered a combination of flu + covid jab, these should be logged as two separate vaccine doses.

So if you’ve already had your vaccine, please head to the app and log it today. If you know anyone else, a family or a friend who is about to get their flu jab, let them know we want to hear from them!

Keep safe and keep logging.

If you can't see the new flu vaccine option in your app, we recommend trying either, fully closing down and re opening the app, and/ or checking you have the most up-to-date version of the app.

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