You can now log any vaccine, including boosters, with ZOE

September 10, 2021

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We’ve made key updates to our vaccine logging screens to help you organise your vaccines, allow people who have been part of trials to (finally) log their doses and to future proof the app for booster COVID-19 vaccines and vaccines for other illnesses like the flu.

So what’s different about how you use our vaccine logging feature?

Log COVID-19 vaccines from clinical trials

Many of you were amongst the brave individuals that took part in COVID-19 vaccine trials, and we’ve finally got the good news you’ve been waiting for. Vaccines that were administered as part of a vaccine trial can now be logged in the app. It might seem like a small change, but we know this is going to mean a lot to these contributors who have been waiting very patiently for this update! 

The vaccine reporting section now includes the option to select; ‘I received my vaccine via a vaccine trial’ when asking which vaccine you received. It will then ask if you received a placebo or not. You’ll then be able to log the dates and the batch numbers of the doses, if you have this information.  

So if you or anyone you know was part of a vaccine trial, head to the app today and tell us about your vaccine trial!

Log COVID-19 vaccine booster shots

With boosters becoming available, you can now log more than two vaccines doses. This also means that contributors who had a single dose vaccine such as the Johnson & Johnson vaccine can log a single dose. We’re no longer locked into a simple two dose structure.

View your vaccines in chronological order

We know many of our contributors use the ZOE COVID Study app as a digital record of their tests and vaccines. So to make the vaccine log easier to manage, vaccines will be shown in chronological order, starting with most recent at the top.

In the future, log vaccines for anything, not just COVID-19 

We’ve always got our eyes set on what’s around the corner, so these changes not only make it easier to log data more easily but they ready the app to log other types of vaccines, for example flu vaccines. While you can’t do this just yet, we’re making plans to make this possible soon.

We’re always reading and responding to the amazing feedback that we received from our loyal contributors. We hope that these new features will make the experience in the app better. 

Keep safe and keep logging.

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