Introducing the new simplified daily report

March 23, 2022

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The ZOE COVID app is a fast and efficient daily reporting tool that not only stays on top of COVID-19, but will also help researchers discover the early signs of other major diseases, such as cancer and dementia. We’re always looking for ways to improve the functionality of the app, and our latest update has moved vaccine history out of the daily questionnaire to a new Profile space, and more improvements are on their way! 

What’s new in the daily report?

We’ve moved vaccine history out of the daily flow for primary users so you can get straight to reporting symptoms. 

If your app’s up to date, you’ll see a new “Profile” tab on the home screen. You can now view and update COVID tests and vaccines from your profile.

You can also access other settings like secondary profiles and current location from this tab. You won’t be able to access secondary profiles’ COVID tests and vaccines from the profile tab, this is done only through the old daily reporting flow.

As the primary user, you’ll have access to the new daily reporting flow and will be shown the COVID tests and “how you feel” screens when logging your daily report. 

Why it’s important to keep logging

It’s crucial to continue logging your health every day, log test results and log booster vaccinations so that we can continue to monitor COVID-19, be an early warning system for future variants and outbreaks, and begin to understand the symptom patterns that forewarn of other major diseases. 

After two years of the ZOE COVID Study, almost five million Contributors have logged data that’s helped to save lives, and allowed our team to make critical scientific discoveries, published in more than 40 peer-reviewed scientific papers. Together, we’ve already proven that community scientists at home can achieve more than anyone thought possible and we’re so excited to see how much more science we can discover in the future with your help!

What improvements are we making next?

Streamlined reporting is currently only available to primary profiles of UK users.

As we expand the Study beyond COVID, we’ll introduce further updates, which will allow you to report on your overall health and symptoms unrelated to COVID. This will allow us to track chronic health conditions, and help to highlight the early warning signs for illnesses like cancer, heart disease and dementia.

Look out for updates and changes to the app as we continue on our mission to improve global health with the ZOE COVID and Health Study.

Help science and keep logging!

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