ZOE Health Study joins world-leading cancer trial, NHS-Galleri

June 14, 2022

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We’re delighted to announce that the ZOE Health Study has partnered with the NHS-Galleri trial, to help recruit participants and allow our Contributors to get involved in world-leading science. 

Over the past two years, you’ve helped us make important scientific discoveries during the pandemic through your daily logging. We’re committed to continuing this work with you on other other major diseases and through the NHS-Galleri cancer trial you can participate in a groundbreaking early detection cancer study. 

What is the NHS-Galleri cancer trial?

The NHS-Galleri trial aims to explore a new blood test to help the NHS reduce the number of late-stage cancers developing. The later they’re detected, the more difficult they are to treat.  

The trial is being run by Cancer Research UK and King’s College London Cancer Prevention Trials Unit in collaboration with the ZOE Health Study. This is in partnership with the NHS and healthcare company, GRAIL, which has developed the Galleri® test, a blood test that can detect cancer before symptoms appear. 

Research has shown that this blood test is particularly effective at finding cancers that are typically difficult to identify early – such as head and neck, bowel, lung, pancreatic, and throat cancers. It works by finding chemical changes in fragments of genetic code that leak from tumours into the bloodstream.

Participants in the trial will be asked to give a blood sample at a locally-based mobile clinic. They will then be invited back after 12 months, and again at two years, to give further samples.

Initial results of the study are expected by 2024 and, if successful, the NHS in England plans to extend the rollout to a further one million people in 2024 and 2025.

How is the ZOE Health Study involved?

Through the Health Study, we’re working with you to harness the power of community science to better understand major diseases. This study is an important step towards delivering on this mission.

Over 444,000 of you told us that you’d like to contribute to cancer research and so we’re delighted to be partnering with NHS-Galleri to provide this opportunity to you. If you’re contacted, we hope you’ll take part and make a real difference to the future of cancer detection.

Can I take part in the trial?

Recruitment will be taking place until mid July 2022. You’ll need to meet certain criteria to be invited to participate in the Galleri cancer screening trial through our Health Study app.

They’re currently looking for people from Black and Asian ethnic backgrounds aged between 50 and 77 who haven’t received a cancer diagnosis within the last three years and are living in Merseyside, Greater Manchester, Birmingham, Nottinghamshire or South East London.

If you meet the criteria and have consented to be part of other research opportunities, you’ll see an invitation in your email. To get involved with the trial, please call the helpline referenced in the email and let them know you received your invitation through the ZOE Health Study.  

For more information on the NHS-Galleri trial visit their website

This is our first step in delivering more opportunities for our contributors to take part in game changing research, and we aim to offer our Contributors more scientific trials in the future. 

The ZOE Health Study mission is to use the power of community science to tackle global health issues. By taking part in live clinical trials as well as logging any new symptoms and changes to your health, you’re helping to advance scientific discoveries and making a real impact. 

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