We’ve updated the COVID tests screen

August 10, 2021

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Our updated test screens

The next time you log into the app to fill in your daily report, you might notice it’s changed a little. With higher volumes and a wider range of tests logged in the app, your test lists were getting longer and less manageable. We listened to your feedback and made some simple tweaks to help organise tests and update the lists to include all the types of tests available. 

First, let’s show you how the new test home screen looks and functions:

What’s new? 

To make it easier to see all your tests, we’ve added sub menus to separate the types of tests (LFTs, PCR and Antibody) and we’ve reversed the order of logged tests so the most recent tests appear at the top of the list.

We’ve renamed the tests inline with the common terms that everyone now uses; Lateral flow test, PCR, finger prick blood test and blood test using a needle.

To speed up the daily reporting flow, we’ve simplified the flow and removed questions that we no longer need. 

There are two types of antibody tests available; Anti N tests detect the presence of antibodies from past infections and Anti S tests which detect the presence of antibodies from vaccination. We’ve added a question so you can now tell us which type of antibody test you’ve had.


And finally, we’ve removed the drop down menus and introduced easy to select button lists! 

We’re always reading and responding to the amazing feedback that we received from our loyal contributors. We hope that these new features will make the experience in the app better. 

Keep safe and keep logging.

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