New interactive map shows local vaccination levels

June 22, 2021

This article has not been updated recently

The ZOE COVID Study team has launched a new interactive map showing vaccination levels across the UK. 

This is the first time you can see, at a glance, the percentage of vaccinated people in each local region across England and Scotland, alongside the national level in Wales and Northern Ireland.  

Please note, as of July 7th the map has been updated to include the entire vaccine data for the population of the UK, not just adults. So you may notice a new lower percentage of vaccines in your area.

What is the vaccine data map? 

Our vaccine data map is an interactive map you can use to find out the percentage of people in a local region who have had one or two of their COVID jabs. It includes people vaccinated with any COVID jab currently being used in the UK - Pfizer, Oxford AstraZeneca and Moderna.   

For each local region, the map breaks down the percentage of people who have had at least one dose of the vaccine and the percentage of people who have had two doses. 

You may notice that people who have had two doses are also included in the percentage of people with at least one jab. This is why the two percentages added together are more than 100% for each local region.

How do I use the vaccine data map?

Our interactive map is available on our website (it’s not yet in the ZOE COVID Study app). 

You can zoom in and pan around to discover how vaccination levels differ between local regions. Darker colours indicate higher vaccination levels than light colours. 

Click on a region for a breakdown of first and second vaccine dose rates.

Where does the data come from? 

The map’s data comes from the Government's Coronavirus Dashboard - which is the most up to date and accurate count of vaccinations in the UK. The ZOE COVID Study team designed a tool to scrape vaccination data from the Government’s dashboard and show it in a map that you can interact with. 

To provide you with the most detailed map possible, we’re scraping data telling us about the smallest recorded geographical area (which are called Tier 1 Local Authorities). With the exception of Northern Ireland and Wales, where data collected can only show us the national level. 

We have other interactive maps you can use. Including one showing the estimated number of people with COVID broken down by region (estimated from the ZOE COVID Study app), and the day by day evolution of the infection across the UK.

If you find our vaccines data map helpful, please share it with your family, friends and colleagues. 

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