Your personalised COVID-19 contribution timeline

April 1, 2021

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The ZOE COVID Study has been going for a year now, collecting vast amounts of data from health reports, logged vaccines, COVID-related studies and more. As the team reflected on the year and the progress we’ve made, we decided to give our millions of contributors a personal way to reflect on what they have achieved by being part of the study.

We’ve visualised your individual impact on COVID-19

Your personal timeline starts from the day you signed up for the app and shows exactly how and when your data points have been used in the fight against COVID-19. 

By showing the connection between scientific findings and your data, we hope you can feel as proud of your achievements as we are and share it with your friends and family! 

Past, present, future

The timeline links up all the individual reports you’ve given to us since you started reporting  and identifies the different scientific discoveries that the ZOE and King’s College London teams have made so far thanks to your individual contributions. Contributors can see all the types of data individually reported and which studies have used or are currently using that data.

As you continue reporting with us, your timeline will continue to update with new scientific discoveries, letting you know exactly how important your ongoing support is. Contributors can also see upcoming studies, so you know what we’re using your data for and what discoveries you can be a part of if you continue to contribute.

This is the first version of this feature, and we’ll be evolving it over time, so keep a close eye on it as it changes over time. 

Example timeline

Can’t see a timeline?

Timelines might not appear if you’re running an older version of the app. Head to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to update to the latest version of the ZOE COVID Study and see your timeline today! If it’s on the latest version already, try fully closing down the app and then reopening it.

Some timeline start dates might be inaccurate and as a result miss some of the studies you've been involved in. This may happen to those who’ve been locked out of their account, created new accounts or had issues in the past. We’re really sorry if this has happened to you. Rest assured that we'll continue to improve the experience of this feature.

Remember, sharing is caring!

The more people we have using the app, the more accurate our data will be about COVID-19 rates in the UK, especially as levels continue to drop. Even though lockdown is easing in the UK, we aren’t out of the woods yet and we have many important new scientific studies in progress and on the horizon so please encourage your family, friends and neighbours to download and use the app daily.  

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