How do I delete my data?

April 1, 2020

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How we protect your data

Your data is protected under "General Data Protection Regulation" (GDPR) which extends beyond the standard requirements of US data protection regulations. Under GDPR your data can only be used for the purpose that you consent to. That means it can only be used to help medical science and healthcare providers to better understand Coronavirus. You can read more about this in our privacy policy.

We also try to minimise the amount of personally identifiable information we collect (e.g. we ask for year of birth, but not date of birth, and post code, but not street address), while recognising that the research does require some basic demographic info.

We also implement security best practices to avoid that data falling into the wrong hands. To do that we use several technologies:

As a public interest group conducting vital research our services are kindly protected by Cloudflare for free under Project Galileo. This helps us fight distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks - from individual hackers as well as adversary groups or governments - to keep our service online. Cloudflare's technology is used by IBM, Thomson Reuters and Zendesk amongst others.

You can read more about how we protect your data here.

How to delete your data

It's important to us that you feel comfortable participating in this research. A key part of that is knowing that you can stop.

As your data is protected under the European Union's "General Data Protection Regulation" you have the right, amongst others, to erase your data from our service. More details about these rights can be found in our privacy policy.

If you would like us to stop processing your personal data, you may withdraw your consent at any time by emailing us at

When you withdraw your consent, we will delete all personal data we hold about you.

In the future we aim to build an easier mechanism for deletion within the app.

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