COVID-19 and Diet: Does what you eat matter?

Tuesday, June 22, 2021


5:00 pm

BST / 12:00pm ET

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Living through the pandemic has affected us in many ways, including how we eat, but did you know that not only can our diet change how we feel, but it can also affect how easily we can catch COVID-19, and how likely we are to suffer severe symptoms of the virus?

Research teams at ZOE, Harvard Medical School, and King’s College London have found that people who eat a high quality plant-rich diet are less likely to catch COVID-19 or become severely ill, while those eating the least nutritious foods are more at risk, especially if they live in poorer areas.

Professor Tim Spector hosts our latest webinar with special guests Dr. Sarah Berry, Professor Andrew Chan, and registered dietician Emily Leeming to discuss our findings, explain how your diet can help you mitigate the risk of COVID-19, and which foods you should be eating more of to optimise your health.

About the speakers

Dr. Sarah Berry

King's College London

Dr. Sarah Berry is a reader in nutritional sciences and the lead nutritional scientist on a portfolio of ongoing postprandial metabolic studies in the Department of Nutritional Sciences at King's College, London. Sarah is also the lead nutritional scientist at ZOE. She led the study into the pandemic's affect on health behaviours.

Prof. Andrew Chan

Harvard Medical School

Professor Andrew Chan MD is a gastroenterologist and director of epidemiology at Massachusetts General Hospital, and is a professor at Harvard Medical School and his research team have a major interest in investigating the oral and gut microbiome as a determinant and mediator of chronic disease.

Emily Leeming

Registered dietician

Registered Dietitian Emily Leeming is a nutrition research consultant for ZOE Global, completing a PhD at the Department of Twins Research and Epidemiology, Kings College London. Her PhD research investigates the impact of short and long term food intake on the gut microbiome in relation to metabolic risk in the TwinsUK and the PREDICT cohorts. Emily Leeming works as part of the ZOE nutrition science team to explore personalised nutrition in the context of microbiome and postprandial responses to foods.

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