Frequently asked questions

Who can join the Study?

I’m a ZOE nutrition customer, can I take part in the Study?

Will there be any ill effects on my health from doing intermittent fasting?

Can I take prescribed medications or supplements outside of the 10 hr window?

My app is frozen on a particular screen, what do I do?

What can I drink when I'm fasting?

What counts towards a first or last ‘eating time’?

Can I choose when I start the Study?

What should I do if I can't eat within a 10 hour window one day? or for several days?

What happens if I miss a few days during the Study? Can I enter the information at a later date?

If I leave the Study early, can I rejoin later?

How will I know what stage of the Study I’m at?

What will I learn about how useful intermittent fasting is for me?

Can I change my 10 hour eating window during the Study?

What's the lifestyle habits survey and why do I need to fill it out?

How should I fill out the lifestyle habits survey if I eat seasonally?

What should I do if I already intermittently fast but have a smaller eating window, for example an 8 hour window?

How do I give a single score for my energy / mood / hunger levels over the course of a day?

How can I get my friends and family involved too?

I'm based outside the UK, when will the Intermittent Fasting Study be available in my country?

Can I still report for COVID-19 during the Intermittent Fasting Study?

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